Chalmers' Search Portal for Exchange Opportunities

Please read the information below before you search for available exchange opportunities from different partner universities around the world.

You can limit your search results by:

- country
- area of study: D, M, I etc.
- exchange program: Erasmus, World Wide, Terzio etc.

You can of course combine the options to get a specific view of what is available for you. For example, which opportunities that are available within Erasmus for Industrial Engineering students (I) in France.

Most of the agreements are written on Master level, except for the Terzio agreements.

When you have completed the search you can click on the universities to get more specific information, including travel reports.

Important to know:

• The agreements are written within different subject areas, for example D, M, I etc. This means that courses within the indicated subjects are open for you.
• The number of available exchange places are published. Please note that the number of places can change, and we reserve the right to update the numbers to reflect changes in our agreements with partner universities.
• It is now possible for students to select if they want to apply for one semester or one academic year for agreements within World Wide. If one semester is not possible, this is indicated the Search Portal.

Remaining seats
Remaining seats shows the number of seats that are available after the selection process has finished.

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